Philipp Meier - Software Developer

Abstracting the pain away


Clojure consulting and development

  • Clojure user since 2008
  • Deep knowledge of the clojure language, runtime and ecosphere

Java (J2EE) consulting and development

  • Developing java software since 1997
  • Deep knowledge of J2EE and Spring

Software test

  • Web browser automation using selenium
  • UI automation with HP QTP
  • Mobile Device automation with M-eux


Recent projects

  • [2012] UI test automation mobile devices. Evaluation and development of test tools for automation on Android and iOS. (Daimler TSS, Ulm)
  • [2011] Development of a code review management and reporting application in JSF/J2EE (Daimler TSS, Ulm)
  • [2010] Development of a e-learning application for students of medicine. Spring WEB/JPA (Thieme Verlag, Stuttgart)
  • Early projects

  • [1998] Development of a public email database “”. (Not related to the current service offered at Based in oracle and perl 4. (Webmedia, Ulm)